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My Story

I am here to help men and women to tap into that abundance through specific and strategic prayer. Christians all around the world are living beneath their potential and not walking in the purpose for which they were designed due to lack of discipline in their prayer lives.
Are you crying out to the Lord and it seems there are no answers, or is there just no answer in one area of your life? Do you hear the voice of the Lord, or do you not even recognize his still small voice?
The Lord has given me the heart to deliver a message to His people and to teach them how to pray specific and strategic prayers that will move the hand of God. He has given me tools to share that will paralyze the enemy’s operation and call forth your abundant life.

Who I Am

Like you, as a prayer expert and leadership guide I have seen Christians struggle with prayer over the years. Is it just a conversation with God? Traditions and Mandates? Discipline? Is God listening? Is it meant only for church leaders? Why are my prayers not getting answered? Does God really want to talk with me, or does he not care about my situation?
With over a decade of prayer coaching, teaching, and most importantly, real-life, on-your-knees intercessory experience, my understanding is extremely different. Unlike general life coaches, I demonstrate how developing a specific and strategic prayer life leads to total well-being and abundance. Answered prayer is a Christian’s right. It is that expectation that drives the outcome.
I am known for my direct approach and barrier dissolving style; my fusion of authentic testimonies and bold conversation connect with my audience with an intentional, intense and individual purpose.

Meet the Team

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Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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