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This 30 DAY GUIDE provides you with a proven plan and tools to discover the treasures of the specific and strategic prayer life that you desire.

Prayer Coaching

Where ever you are in your life's journey, answered prayer is a Believer's right!  Designing your personal prayer plan is a Game Changer!


Take action with prayer and business planning, tap into God's Power stand on His Promise and gain Promotion into Profit.

Answered Prayer Is Your Right

If you are like me, You may have been praying for years and it seems like God just doesn't answer your prayers.
I totally get that! I thought the same thing until I decided to get real about my walk and relationship with the Lord.

I asked myself "What am I doing wrong?" People told me to just keep praying and I did, but it became casual conversation like you would have with an acquaintance with no real expectation.

I believe that is the position so many people are finding themselves holding. Casual prayer rituals take place because you know you should pray, but you don't really see the point because nothing has changed...


If you can admit that then you are ahead of the game!

Answered prayer is a game changer! Once you get a clear understanding of how to get your prayers before God, and hear His voice, your life will never be the same.


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